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What happens if you do not replace your filters?

If air purifiers with washable filters were effective, we would sell them by the thousands at We have tested them from time to time, but our customers, who tend to have significant allergy, asthma, and chemical problems, need products that are proven. Therefore, we stick to the technologies that work.

Simply put, it is important to mark your calendar and change, or at least check, your filters according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some of the brands we carry have filter monitors, and some do not. The monitors do notify you that it is time to replace the filters, but since they are not absolutely necessary to air purifier function, units without them tend to be less expensive. If you know that you will procrastinate changing the filters, consider investing in an air purifier with a filter monitor.

If a HEPA filter become full and the air purifier continues to run, the filter stops accepting new particulate and the air purifier becomes inefficient and ineffective, unable to provide clean air. If the activated carbon filter has absorbed its capacity, chemicals, gases and odors will remain in the room. Replacing your air purifier filters is as necessary as replacing your HVAC filters.

Air purifiers have become an indispensable appliance in the home of our thousands of customers and millions of others. Make changing your air purifier filters an important part of your home health plan.