AllerAir 6000 Exec Carbon Filter

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HEPA-Silver air filter replaces filters for the T300/T300. The replacement air filters come with a Pre-Filter for dust and allergen removal with Silver-Ion technology for antimicrobial filter protection and Activated Carbon for light odor control.

Designed for the AllerAir 6000 Exec air purifier, this replacement carbon filter absorbs odors and smells.

AllerAir recommends replacing the carbon filter in your AllerAir air purifier every 2.5 years for the best performance.
The AllerAir carbon filter should be changed at least every 2.5 years as recommended by the manufacturer. The carbon filter should be replaced regularly to allow your AllerAir unit to continue combatting strong odors.
Product ID: 6000Exec-CarbonFilter
There is no warranty for Allerair filters.
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