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Excellent Filtration, Best Value and Only True Forever Guarantee

Alen Air PurifiersMother & ChildAlen Air Purifiers are designed to help you Live Better for a lifetime. With the industry's first—and only—Forever Guarantee, Alen promises to replace your unit if it breaks or is found defective for as long as you own it. With innovative design and versatile filter options, Alen is a great value. Try Alen Air Purifiers today to enjoy pure, healthy air and see why we make Alen our number #1 brand of air purifiers.

Alen Air Purifiers Reviewed

Alen Air Purifiers integrate concern for the environment with effectiveness for the user in its design and manufacturing processes. Alen stands behind its products with a Lifetime Warranty and independent testing. Its products are energy efficient and certified lead free. The Alen line of room air purifiers makes life more breathable.

Who Needs Alen Air Purifiers:

The six Alen air purifier models we offer are suitable for different kinds of air cleaning depending on their design and technology. Please see each product page to review best uses. They will keep any home or office much cleaner and be helpful to persons suffering from seasonal allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments.

How Alen Air Purifiers Work:

The Alen air purifier models use a variety of filtration technologies depending on the particular model.

Please review all Alen models by clicking the following links on our product specific pages: Alen BreatheSmart, Alen BreatheSmart FIT50, Alen T500, Alen Paralda. Each model comes with the standard filters. Also note that we do carry replacement filters for each model, including filters for dust and allergens, smoke and heavy odors, germs and bacteria, and chemicals and VOCs.

Our Rating:

Every home or office space needs an air purifier. A broad range of studies prove indoor air space is typically very dirty. The Alen line will help a wide variety of people including children and the elderly, those with seasonal allergies or asthma, and those sensitive to volatile organic compounds. Alen is also a terrific air purifier brand for the budget-conscious.