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Aller Air PurifiersFather & ChildIndustrial Coverage and Strength Against Odors, Chemicals, and Gases

AllerAir provides relief for those trying to escape conditions like asthma and multiple chemicals sensitivity (MCS). AllerAir air purifiers remove chemicals, odors, and gases with advanced air purifiers that contain massive quantities of carbon.

AllerAir Air Purifiers Reviewed

The Allerair series of indoor air purifiers provide a different approach to the technology. First, the motor and fan in all of the systems is the same. But, by enlarging the size of the filter area (this is done by making the air purifier taller) more filtration media is made available for absorbing pollutants and thus the manufacturer rates the units for larger size rooms. In addition, the company provides a version that has a UV filter stage to sterilize airborne pathogens and antigens. Allerair systems are all-metal with baked enamel finish construction and thus forgo the plastic that is offered by some manufacturers. is an authorized distributor of AllerAir air purifier solutions for allergy and pollution problems.

Who Needs AllerAir Air Purifiers:

These are solid all-round indoor air purifiers. AllerAir products feature HEPA as well as large amounts of activated carbon so they are appropriate for users with allergies and odor control issues. The UV version of these air purifiers will assist in the control of mold.

How AllerAir Air Purifiers Work:

Indoor airflow is drawn though the bottom of the system. It passes though a cleanable prefilter which removes large particles and keeps the next stage from becoming prematurely clogged. Next the airflow is drawn though a medical grade Allerair HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of the particles as small as .03 microns in size. Prior to the airflow being returned to the room it optionally (UV Model Only) passes a 10 watt germicidal lamp that will destroy the DNA in an organism.

Our Rating:

These all-metal Allerair systems are a step above the plastic frame air purifiers sold at home improvement stores. They are our only heavy duty air purifier manufacturer that offers a UV option.