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Low Maintenance, Long Lasting Filters and Tackles Heavy Odors

Austin Air air purifiers have an all-steel construction, a three-speed control switch, and the larger units have casters for easy positioning in your home. Austin Air air purifiers have a long filter life and come with a pro-rated filter warranty; if your filter doesn't last 5 years, then the time remaining is prorated into a discount on your next filter.

Austin Air Product Line Reviewed


Who Needs Austin Air Air Purifiers:

Because of the massive amounts of activated carbon in the HealthMate and Healthmate Jr, these units are ideal for homes or offices with odor problems or people with chemical sensitivity. Being that they are allergy air purifiers, they also work wonderfully for people who have allergies. The Allergy Machine was specifically designed for people with asthma.

How Austin Air Purifiers Work:

Each product consists of HEPA and an activated carbon-zeolite mix. These are nothing fancy, just solid technology that is proven to work. The flow passes through a pre-filter to remove large particles and then goes through the activated carbon blend prior to being HEPA-filtered and returned to the room.

Plus (Superblend) Option:

This version of the HealthMates has potassium iodide added to the activated carbon-zeolite mix that is designed to specifically remove organic chemicals that are often the cause of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) symptoms.

Our Rating:

Austin Air office or home air purifiers provide solid, high quality performance and are cost effective to run. People in search of allergy air purifiers love them. They are best sellers, because the cleaner offers the no-frills performance of HEPA units at unmatched prices.

The air purifiers that were designed by Austin Air have become a popular asset for many homeowners. Residents who suffer from asthma, allergies or chemical sensitivity have turned to Austin Air because of their products that are specifically geared towards people with respiratory conditions. With so many product choices for different situations and a variety of sizes of units, it's no wonder that Austin Air has such a wide range of customers that are satisfied with their air purifiers. Since many people are now becoming aware of the importance of indoor quality air and its affects on the health of residents, air purifiers are becoming a necessity for a home. With the help of Austin Air consumer friendly and easy to maintain products, many people are discovering that clean indoor air can be an easy thing to achieve.