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Blueair air purifiers are truly elegant, not only in terms of style but also in terms of efficiency and function; Blueair air purifiers are very quiet. People in search of a quality air purifier for allergy and asthma concerns are well-served by this air purifier line.

BlueAir Air Purifiers Reviewed

We are an authorized US distributor of Blueair air purifier HEPA and electrostatic air cleaners made in Sweden and offered to you for allergy and pollution solutions. These products are noted for stylish design, high quality construction and low noise levels all things that the maker can be proud of. While many air purifier models claim to be quiet, these purifiers utilize two key technology differences to get there. First, the units use a combination of electrostatic and HEPA filters. Charging the flow prior to moving it through the filter allows the filter to retain HEPA levels of efficiency without the tightly constricted flow of a typical HEPA filter. In simple terms: these units breathe easier and is thus able to be quieter. The results are great electrostatic systems that produce high flow with relatively low noise levels. In addition, the optional GO (Gas & Odor) SmokeStop filter set can turn your system into a great smoke air purifier as well. BlueAir air purifier models are also made from noise muffling steel to further improve the livability of the system.

Who Needs BlueAir Air Purifiers:

People in search of a quality air purifier for allergy and asthma sufferers are well served by the this line. This is the HEPA for those who are concerned with noise as well as style. This is the most attractive system on the market as well as one of the quietest.

How BlueAir Air Purifiers Work:

The filters in BlueAir products are HEPA like but with more open pores to allow flow more easily and quietly through the filter. To achieve full HEPA air purifier effectiveness, the system has internal electrostatic ionizers that charge the flow prior to passing through the filter media. This causes the particles to be attracted to the filter media. The negative ions are filtered out of the flow stream by the activated carbon and tests have shown an actual reduction in ozone.

GO (Gas & Odor) SmokeStop Filter Option:

For use in smoking environments, this air purifier line is also available with GO SmokeStop filters set making it a great air purifier solution for chemicals, gases and smoke. These filters are loaded with an extra-heavy amount of activated carbon to absorb the smoke chemicals and particles making these one of the best smoke and odor air purifiers on the market.

Our Rating:

The BlueAir units are truly elegant not only in terms of style but also in terms of efficiency and function. Despite being an electrostatic air purifier, the filter life is a bit short but this is a small price to pay for such quality. The filters have an effective lifespan of 6 months.

Overview of the BlueAir Air Purifier Company

Blueair air purifiers are effective and efficient but the company is still striving to improve all aspects of design and function. The company is constantly making improvements on its variety of air purifier models in order to satisfy customers and professionals who use them. Plus, Blueair is very committed to producing "green" low energy consumption air purifiers. Clean air from Blueair Air Purifiers promotes good health.

In recent years Blueair Air Purifiers announced improvements in its air purifier line. The 503 model had been improved and was now even more effective than it was before. The improvements that Blueair made on the 503 air purifier caused the CADR to increase. The 503 model now received CADR ratings of 375 for smoke, 375 for dust and 375 for pollen. Such improvements in performance made this air purifier brand stand out in the air purifying market as the result of a successful and motivated company.

These Air Purifiers were able to achieve these outstanding results from its original 501 model by making a few slight changes to the filter and purifier. The changes were made mostly in the ionization chamber and the polypropylene filters. The company put more ionization brushes in the chamber. There were originally four but the company increased the brushes to ten. The pleated mechanical filters were also re-designed in order to allow for better airflow for the filter.

With an increase in the number of ionization brushes, a Blueair air purifier is able to give particles a stronger charge. With a stronger charge, the particles stick easier to the filter and the filter is able to capture more of the particles. The ionization chamber is more efficient with more brushes and is able to catch more airborne particles in the air. The improvements to the pleated filters help the system with better airflow. When the air flows through the chamber more freely, the purifier is able to have a higher air exchange rate. The air moves faster and the model is able to clean a greater volume of air in a shorter period of time. The airflow rate for the 503 is calculated from 88 CFM to 450 CFM, depending on which of the four speeds the model is set on.

Pick the Best Air Purifier for Your Application

The best way to decide which of air purifier is the best for a certain situation is by examining the size of the room it is intended for. All of the products are high quality and come with a ten-year warranty. They are all very innovative in design and commit to award-winning standards. The only way to decide between the different air purifier models is by deciding how much space the system must be able to handle.

Blueair Air Purifiers developed each room size recommendation for each model based on testing done by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. All of the room sizes are based on rooms with an eight-foot ceiling. If the ceiling in a room is higher than eight feet, the customer should compensate by getting a more powerful model of purifier. The 203 is the purifier able to clean the smallest room, less than 200 square feet. The other Blueair air purifiers have different ranges of rooms they are able to clean and the biggest room able to be cleaned is 698 square feet by the 650E air purifier.

Blueair air purifiers are easy to use and easy to maintain and only require a few specific guidelines. In order for the air purifiers to be most effective, all windows in the room being purified should be shut. If the air is sealed off, it is easier for the purifier to suck it in for cleaning and recycle it out into the room. The door in the room should also be shut for the same reason. If the purifier is being used at nighttime for an allergy sufferer or asthmatic patient, it is best to have the room sealed so the air purifier can do its job correctly.

The Blueair air purifiers can be run 24 hours day. If the system is run 24/7, there will still be no notice of it in electrical bills because the system uses such low wattage to operate. When the system is able to run for 24 hours, it can circulate the air inside the room multiple times through the filters. Once the air is exchanged a few times, it is sure to be free of toxins and contaminants.

The Blueair air purifier products require very low maintenance. Aside from changing the filters every six months, the only maintenance the purifiers require from the customer is to be cleaned. Sometimes there are small dust particles that can accumulate on the surface of the air intake grids. These dust particles need to be removed so they don't block the air from moving through the vents. The dust particles can be removed simply by being vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth. The 403 air purifier may also be vacuumed on the inside if there seems to be a build up of particles. The sides open for filter replacement and while the sides are in the open position, the filters are at easy access for the customer to vacuum.

When shopping around for a Blueair air purifier, it is important for the consumer to look at filter efficiency, capacity and any specific health concerns that need to be addressed. There are many technologically advanced filters and designs of air purifiers and it is important that the consumer is able to identify which of air purifier is right for his or her needs. Blueair uses only the best materials and has many different models for consumers to choose from.

The most important numbers to look at when examining filter efficiency is the CADR, the percentage of particles being moved and the smallest particle the filter is able to detect. The filtering system has been rated at 99.9% efficiency when dealing with particles 0.03 microns and larger. The system is rated at 99.7% efficiency when dealing with microns at 0.01 microns and smaller. The CADR ratings for each Blueair air purifier is very competitive in the market and have won the company prestigious awards for design.

The best way to determine the accuracy of the claims of filter efficiency is to check with the AHAM. Some manufacturers do not calculate the filter efficiency correctly and in turn post faulty statistics on their display boxes. These numbers can be deceiving to the consumer who is looking only at filter efficiency. The AHAM is an independent industry organization dedicated to the accurate testing of air purifiers and can verify any statistics on any manufacturer.

The size recommendations found on boxes of these Blueair air purifier units are based on square feet and always assume that the room being cleaned will have an eight-foot high ceiling. By multiplying the room's height by its width, a consumer can easily find the square footage and will be able to choose the correct size and power of the Blueair air purifier. One of the most important issues for a consumer to be aware of are health conditions. If a consumer is purchasing an air purifier due to health concerns, such as asthma or allergies, he or she should be certain to choose the best purifier on the market related to that condition.

Blueair Air Purifiers is a company geared towards customer satisfaction. The Blueair company prides itself on innovative design and the constant pursuit of technological advancements.