Dust Prevention & Air Purifier Articles

The following articles share tips on preparing your life, your home, and your work environment for dust prevention and allergies in every season, and share how air purifiers can help.

Gloved Hand with Dusting Cloth

Dust Control Measures and Dust Prevention Methods

Find out what dust control measures and dust prevention methods are best at eliminating dust from your home.

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World Dust Has Doubled

Airborne dust doubled worldwide in the 20th century. It seems as though we can't get rid of the dust in our homes. Scientific reasons include droughts, desertification (habitable land turning into desert), climate change, loss of forests, urbanization — in general, human activity — has resulted in a doubling of airborne dust.

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Dust Mite

Understanding the Difference Between Dust and Dust Mites

If you are an allergy sufferer, you may have been told by someone that you are allergic to dust and by others that you are allergic to dust mites. The size of dust and the potential for irritation varies greatly depending upon the source of the dust, its composition, and even your geographical location. 

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