Dust Prevention Methods & Control Measures

Finding an efficient way to eliminate dust can prove to be a challenging problem, as a large portion of it can originate from our skin and the fabric we use. Read to learn how, along with an air purifier, these dust control measures and dust prevention methods can help you take control of the issue.

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1. Capture dust instead of spreading it.

Air purifiers are one of many dust control measures and dust prevention methods that you can employ with minimal effort or upkeep. Placing an purifier in high traffic areas of your home can help eliminate and trap dust, even when it is constantly stirred up by you or your family. In addition, we recommend running an air purifier continually in your bedroom, where you spend a majority of your time. Even with an air purifier in each room of your home, it is also a good idea to take other common sense measures to keep your home dust free.

2. Vacuum weekly.

In order to prevent dust from coming back, it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and use the correct type of vacuum. Upright vacuums are generally ideal for carpets, while canister vacuums are recommended for hard floors. Vacuums are also more effective at removing dust than brooms, as they help to capture dust particles and remove them from flooring. While vacuuming, we also recommend running an air purifier on high to capture any dust stirred into the air during the cleaning process.

3. Give your rugs, drapes, and bedding a beating.

Upholstery fabrics not only shed their own fibers, but they also absorb all the dust that settles. Every time you sit down on upholstered furniture, dust is released into the air. As part of your cleaning routine, we recommend regularly taking these items outside to beat the dust loose. However, when the pollen count is high, we recommend washing these materials in hot water when possible and vacuuming them regularly to prevent pollen from entering your home. Both of these tips can be effective dust control measures and dust prevention methods in your home.

4. Use fabric softener sheets.

Fabric softener sheets are an excellent option for dust control measures. Computers and televisions are electrically charged, which makes them vulnerable to attracting dust. Wiping the surface with a dryer softener sheet can help to greatly reduce static cling and help control dust. Liquid fabric softener can also be used to achieve the same results. Simply dampen a dust cloth with the fabric softener, and you can clean anything from shower doors to wooden tables.

5. Upgrade your furnace filter.

Homes with forced-air heating or cooling systems use filtration to help control dust. Electrostatic filters, which connect to your ductwork, are considered the most effective system in eliminating dust. However, these filters require professional installation and can cost between $700-$1,500. We recommend using a pleated filter as a cheaper alternative, as they can greatly help to capture and control dust in your heating and cooling system. If you opt for pleated filters, be sure to change them out regularly in order for them to remain effective.

6. Rotate your bedding on a weekly basis.

Your bedding can serve as a major distributor of dust, collecting everything from skin flakes to shedding its own fibers every time you lay down. Washing your bedding weekly in hot water can help remove dust and kill dust mites, helping to control the problem.

7. Use laundered baby wipes.

Using baby wipes to remove dust from narrow spaces, like keyboards, is one of the surprising dust control measures and dust prevention methods. However, be sure it does not leave any residue, as this can attract more dust and dirt.

8. Use gloves to clean.

Simply soak any old fabric gloves, or oven mitts, in window cleaner and you can clean anything from glass knick knacks to chandeliers. For dusting and polishing surfaces around your home, they are quite effective. You can use one side of the mitt to apply wax for polishing and the other side of the mitt for buffing.

Along with these dust control measures and prevention methods, air purifiers can help to achieve great results and help you breathe easier in your home. Learn more about how to win the war against dust.