30 Minute Mold Reduction Using Air Purifiers

Certain air purifiers are better than others when it comes to removing airborne mold spores that cause severe allergy and asthma symptoms. Respiratory problems in children, seniors, and even healthy adults are often caused by airborne mold spores. That's a fact; not a theory.

According to a rigorous two year study, the World Health Organization states, "occupants of damp or moldy buildings have up to a 75% greater risk of respiratory symptoms and asthma than occupants of buildings with better indoor air quality."

Set aside half an hour to prevent airborne mold spores in your home or office:

  • Mentally go through each room of your house and reflect on what rooms exhibited a moldy odor
  • Create a strategy for the air purifiers you have to keep the mold spore count down, consider how you can move them around ensuring that the key rooms will be covered
  • Make sure the filters in your air purifiers are not overdue for replacement
  • Arrange to have your carpets cleaned so they adequately dry before cold weather comes
  • Turn your air purifiers on high when you vacuum
  • Close the windows of your house when you rake leaves
  • Prepare a place for shoes and gardening clothes to avoid bringing mold from organic matter into the house